Members of our rowing club believe in working together for the benefit of their community to promote and encourage active participation in the sport of rowing. 

Registration for membership and information

On the first Sunday of every month at exact twelve noon we welcome you in our clubhouse, for a great story about rowing and our Club, as well as a guided tour through the premises and have a look at our fleet.

Senior members must register in person. Junior members may register the year they become 11 years of age but only accompanied by one of their parents or caregiver.  

If you decide to become a member please bring along:

  • One original passport size photograph
  • A valid proof of identity (or a valid proof of identity belonging to the parent of caregiver if the junior member is under 18 years of age)
  • A bank card with the bank account number of which we will receive payment of the contribution (this is to check the BIC- and IBAN-number)
  • A copy of your student card if you want to register as student and receive a rebate on your contribution. 
  • Any rowing certificates you might have from previous rowing clubs.
  • Please do us a favour by completing the Dutch subscription or 'Inschrijfform' in advance. You will receive a mail as a confirmation with all the data you've entered. Please bring this mail along at the Sunday meeting.

We hope you will join us to further strengthen our Club in the coming years!

For any additional information please contact the Amstel Infoteam by Marieke Lyppens, 06-21155535.



Hobbemakade 122
1071 XW Amsterdam